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Papergroup Headquarter
Papergroup spa
Cap. Soc. Euro 8.820.000,00 i.v.
Via Tazio Nuvolari, 23 - 55012 CARRAIA - CAPANNORI (LU)
p.iva n. 00520700477

tel. info +39 0583 98221

Fax amministrazione +39 0583 982298

Fax commerciale +39 0583 982292
Papergroup Division
Paper mill division
Loc. La Pescia - 55010 S.GENNARO - CAPANNORI (LU)
Converting division
Via degli Stipeti, 2/4 - 55012 COSELLI - CAPANNORI (LU)
Via Tazio Nuvolari, 23 - 55012 CARRAIA - CAPANNORI (LU)

Paper towels are a very hygienic solution for public toilets. In public activities there are a lot of people that use toilets and paper towels are the only hygienic way to wash one's own hands.

We know that scientifically germs pass trough our hands and in a wet common towel they live and grow. For this reason it's very important when we use a public toilet to find paper towels. With paper towels we can be sure to wash correctly our hands, because, after we use a paper towel we can throw it away and no one can use it after us.

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